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Shower Enclosure

Make your ideas a reality.

Glass shower enclosures and screens are strong focal points in bathrooms and wet-rooms mostly due to their size. Finding your perfect shower enclosure can add a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

Bespoke Shower Enclosure

Aesthetic Options
Quick Turnaround
Expert Advice

Here at Sky Glass we can help you design your shower glass, from the type of glass used through to the size, shape, design, fixtures and fitting.

If you’re looking to make a dramatic impact in your home or office, nothing could be a better option than a stunning walk-on glass floor. But the benefits of glass flooring are in no way restricted to its design and visual appeal only. These walk-on glass floors provide an excellent combination of style and functionality, making just about any interior or exterior space look great.

Hinged shower doors are one of the most luxurious features when it comes to shower enclosures. They operate similarly to pivot doors but instead use regular hinged joints as opposed to pivoting pins which allows a much wider entrance space making it an ideal door for all levels of accessibility.

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Sliding shower

The sliding shower door is without doubt one of the most stunning functional enclosure doors out there and is only made better by its compatibility to fit into both alcoves and full enclosures. As the name suggests, a sliding shower door operates by sliding back and forth thanks to the use of rollers and a long door width. One side of the door slides inside the other half, providing simple functionality and a wide entrance.

Frame Less

Hinged doors are also sometimes referred to as frameless shower doors since there is no reason for a frame, as the doors are simply made from glass and attached to hinges. The frameless look is often sought after in designer bathrooms because it is deemed to be more pleasing aesthetically without the addition of a frame.


  • Bespoke sizes, manufactured to your exact specifications
  • Frame less
  • Obsecure feature
  • Available in 10mm or 12mm Clear Glass and Low Iron
  • Supply and Fit

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